Wölfchen - Der Ritterjunge 

Die erste große Reise

 Woelfchen - The son of the knight 

the first great journey


After an unsuccessful search for the secret passageway, the boys were depressed. Their mood changed quickly however, when they learnt that they could accompany their fathers on a great journey.

On the journey, Woelfchen saw many interesting things. Marveled at the new landscape, explored the beerhouses with his friend and learnt new things.

On arrived at their destination at the castle of Tannberg, the friends expect lots of adventure.

As the time arrived for their departure, a long and burdensome homeward journey awaited


Happily back at castle Eulenstein their adventures do not end. They at last learns something new about the secret passageway and also of a secret between the duke and the captain.

At the moment you can only buy the book in German language.

I wish you a lot of pleasure.


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